10 Ways to Protect the Dubai Beach

A picnic at the beach is, for most of us, the perfect recreational activity. Living in a coastal city is a blessing, isn’t it? To have an ever-present retreat for you whenever feel like you need a break from your busy life, just pack those sandwiches, grab that sun-block and head to the Kite beach […]

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5 Reasons to Rent a Yacht

Not willing to go for a regular vacation? Do not want to spend thousands of Dollars on expensive hotels and food? Confused about where to go for a vacation? If you’re in search of something budget-friendly, adventurous and thrilling that why not rent a yacht for a memorable trip on the sea. Unlike the most […]

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15 Reasons Why We Love Yachting in Dubai & You Should Too!

Dubai has become one of the fastest developing cities/tourist spot on the planet. Millions of people come to Dubai every year to visit the many attractions this place has to offer. From the scorching desert to a night under the stars to belly dancers, Dubai has kept its cultural heritage alive by investing in tourism. […]

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