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How to Pick a Yacht to Rent

Yachting is the ultimate way of spending holidays and is probably much better than going to an overrated and overcrowded city and spending thousands of dollars. Yachting enables you to visit a couple of different destinations in one trip, explore islands and beaches that you have never been to before, meet new people, enjoy various […]

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Problems with Dubai yachts rentals and how to avoid them

Dubai has become one of the biggest tourist hubs of the world. Millions upon millions of tourists pour into the city of skylines every year. A tax free economy, backed by oil exports and the tourist income, it has become a prominent area for the upper middle and upper class of the world to live […]

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5 Reasons to Rent a Yacht

Not willing to go for a regular vacation? Do not want to spend thousands of Dollars on expensive hotels and food? Confused about where to go for a vacation? If you’re in search of something budget-friendly, adventurous and thrilling that why not rent a yacht for a memorable trip on the sea. Unlike the most […]

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