10 Ways to Protect the Dubai Beach

A picnic at the beach is, for most of us, the perfect recreational activity. Living in a coastal city is a blessing, isn’t it? To have an ever-present retreat for you whenever feel like you need a break from your busy life, just pack those sandwiches, grab that sun-block and head to the Kite beach or in Jumeirah open beach where you can “chill out” on the breezy shoreline or partake in beach sports; there are a hundred different activities literally!

On a larger, national level, our beaches serve as a magnet for tourists around the world. One of the major reasons for Dubai having undergone a “tourism boom” is the quality of its beaches. The phenomenal ambience that our beaches provide is an attraction in its own right. For example, the Jumeirah Beach alone houses many of Dubai’s tourist hubs; the Burj Al Arab Hotel (referred to as the only seven star hotel in the world), Wild Wadi (a very popular water park) and the Jumeirah Beach Resort, among others. We need to protect these beaches not only because of their vital contribution to the economy,  but also due to their indispensable role in the conservation of the natural ecosystem.

1. Littering:

Littering is unarguably the leading problem affecting the world’s coastal environment and its relative marine life. A study conducted in 2015 revealed that over 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic present in our oceans coupled with the 269,000 tons of debris at the surface kill over 200,000 marine animals per year.

This constantly growing number needs to be controlled. And only we can do that. We need to take heed of the fact our beaches are a valuable source of recreation and tourism. Trash on the beach not only affects its beauty by being an eyesore, but can also be dangerous. Broken glass bottles hidden in the sand can cut people and animals because small glass pieces are very hard to spot in the ocean of sand. We should carefully dispose of such items when we visit the beach in order to conserve the beauty of the environment, make sure potentially harmful materials are put away so that our beaches, as a natural resource, can be efficiently conserved.

2. Awareness:

The Environment Department at Dubai Municipality endeavors to keep the beaches clean and their efforts do bear fruit. However, no matter how hard or long they work, Dubai’s beaches can never be completely clean until the people are aware and indulge in cleaning the mess they make. Educating beach visitors about the adverse effects that their actions can have on the marine environment will exponentially decrease the amount of litter on the beach.

3. Get rid of plastic bags:

Plastic bags that are left on the beach prove to be fatal for many marine animals and birds. Swallowing plastic bags leads to suffocation and consequently, death. These bags are non-biodegradable, which means that they do not decompose, leading to their persistent presence on the shore as well as in the water, posing an ever-present threat to marine life. Prohibiting the use of these products, at least on beaches, will significantly reduce the amount of bags added to the water and that is washed up on the shore, which will, in turn, keep the beach clean.

4. Make some changes:

We can all compromise for the improvement and conservation our environment. I know it’s easy to simply throw the plastic bottle away once you finish it, but we need to stop thinking about ourselves and start valuing the environment a bit more than we do. Bring a bottle from home and then taking it back home so that the use of a disposable bottle is avoided. This can help lessen the amount of plastic waste on our beaches and in our oceans.

5. Partake in activities:

Just lying on the beach on vacation without a worry in the world, eating and drinking all day is something we all love doing. However, it also increases the amount of trash on our beaches. Participating in environment-friendly, recreational activities for example water sports, snorkeling and beach volleyball will keep you busy, which in turn, will keep you from littering.

6. Bonfires:

Nights on the beach are always cold. All we want to do is create a fire and sit around it, sing some songs, maybe roast some marshmallows and spend the night in the comfort of the fire. However, keep in mind that the fire needs to be properly put out and the residual remains of the fire should be adequately removed.

7. Smoking:

One of the leading beach pollutants are cigarette butts. If you plan on smoking at the beach, make sure you dispose of the butts and keep them away from the sand and the water.

8. Pets:

Who doesn’t want to play fetch with his canine? If you’re a dog person, you will surely understand. But if you are taking your beloved pet to the beach, make sure you clean up after if i.e. in case your pet leaves you a gift; be prepared to pick it up. The last thing you would want is to step into a pile of poop while catching a ball, isn’t it?

9. If you see trash:

Give in to common courtesy. If you see trash, pick it up. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. There is absolutely no shame in wanting to keep your city clean. Just keep an eye out for anything that doesn’t belong.

10. Government policies:

The government plays a cardinal role in the conversation of the Dubai’s numerous beaches. It realizes that it is a major asset for their economy and a source of pride with regard to its beauty and glamour. The Dubai Municipality has a number of programs aimed towards the sustenance and development of the city’s beaches like the beach cleanup program in October 2016. The government can also introduce awareness campaigns to educate locals and tourists on the do’s and don’ts of beaches. The Environment Department at the Dubai Municipality is taking good care of its beaches, realizing their economic importance and the losses they would have to bear if they are not maintained.

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