15 Reasons Why We Love Yachting in Dubai & You Should Too!

Dubai has become one of the fastest developing cities/tourist spot on the planet. Millions of people come to Dubai every year to visit the many attractions this place has to offer. From the scorching desert to a night under the stars to belly dancers, Dubai has kept its cultural heritage alive by investing in tourism. Tourism is the perhaps the only thing that is keeping the Middle Eastern oasis afloat magnificently and for good reason to.

1.    One of the Main Attractions

Yachting is one of primary tourist attractions in Dubai. With a 560 km coastline and a beautiful sea beyond, Dubai is a perfect home to plenty of marine creatures. It also has a conservations ground and nesting area for sea turtles. Dubai provides a number of topnotch yachting services.

2.    A Good Investment

Many of the Arab business tycoons that you might want to get on board with in terms of your business are quite hospitable and love yachting. They lead luxurious lives and expect their business partners to be the same. If your business is to grow more, you need to make a good first impression. This means investing a little on some luxuries – and nothing is flamboyant than owning a yacht. Think about it, if you were to invite one of the Arab tycoons on a business meeting or for lunch, what better way to make an impression than a yacht trip.

3.    Beautiful Sunset Cruises

Dubai has one of the best sunsets in the entire world. Due to the ever-rising Dubai skyline, the sunset looks something out of a science fiction movie with rays of light reflecting on the buildings. If you were out at sea and were to notice such a spectacle, you will surely fall in love with the city.

4.    Scrumptious Food on the Yacht

What’s a good afternoon ride in the open sea without good food right? Like New York, Dubai has people visiting from all around the world – which is why the city is bustling with famous and very high end fine dining as well as fast-food chains. That means either you pick your own food or you can always contact the yacht company to provide you with the tastes of Middle Eastern cuisine.

5.    Deep Sea Scuba Diving

As mentioned earlier, Dubai has a beautiful marine ecosystem and many tourists love to go scuba diving. With a yacht, you can go anywhere for an adventure of a lifetime. Some of the marine life that you may witness include king fish, queen fish, tuna, barracuda and many more. There are also beautiful underwater reefs that contain clams. These clams were once a part of Dubai’s culture and source of income as they contained valuable pearls. Once you go for some scuba diving on your yacht, be sure to check this out.

6.    Indoor Entertainment

The rich in Dubai have an out-of-this-world lifestyle, which is why you can expect the interior of your yacht to reflect the same. With state-of-the-art home theatre systems, superb music systems and mini pools and Jacuzzi’s, the yachts provide a blissful experience out at sea. Moreover, high-end yachts are also incorporated with an independent kitchen where the cook can prepare scrumptious meals out at sea.

7.    Party with a DJ Onboard

That’s right, with powerful music systems; you can light up the night with a party you will never forget. Some yachts even contain custom built dance floors for maximum dancing pleasure. Partying in Dubai has never been better than on a yacht.

8.    Aqua Fun

With activities like wakeboarding, water skiing, parasailing and wind surfing, your day is bound to be adventurous as you tear through the waves. A yacht helps accommodate all of these activities thereby giving you a complete and awesome experience.

9.    You Can Rent One

Yes, you heard correct. Many yacht owners and service providers rent their yachts to tourist looking to go out for an adventure or to take their spouses or significant others for romantic dinners out at sea. Whether it is for a party or a wedding or scuba diving, you can always rent a yacht to feel the sea breeze and enjoy the sunset beyond the shoreline.

10. Ride in Style

Many yacht service providers have the option of hiring transportation to and from the yacht. You can treat your friends to a surprise as a Roll Royce comes to pick each of them. This way, your yachting experience will triple the original amount and you will go home with a big smile and an ecstatic I-can’t-wait-to-tell-everyone look on your face.

11. A Fantastic View of Dubai’s Landmarks

We all know what this means, the majestic view of Dubai’s buildings and structures can make you speechless. The iconic view of the Burj Al Arab and Atlantis on the Palm Islands will want you screaming especially at night as the fireworks light up the sky. The best part is you get front row seats to see all that from your own yacht.

12. Full Insurance Coverage

If you’re worried about damaging your yacht, then don’t be, you can rest assured the insurance that is provided not only covers the boat, but you on board as well. That way you can ease your mind and focus on having a good time.

13. You can always go Fishing

Dubai’s marine life is filled with a diverse range of fishes. This means delicious fishes that are waiting to be caught. You can use your yacht for fishing and with a kitchen and electrical grill on board, you can make sure the freshly caught fish is cooked to perfection!

14. A Comfortable Experience

Yachts in Dubai are equipped with cozy bedrooms, fully furnished lounges and a lot more.

15. A number of sizes to choose from

Dubai’s overall yacht population contains fleets of different sizes. You can purchase a yacht depending on your need and the number of people with you and the frequency of usage.

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