5 great cruising locations in Dubai

Apart from being the great hub for international tourism, Dubai has one of the most amazing beaches in the world. With a quiet sea and a hot sun, Dubai becomes the primary location for water sports and other water related activities. If you really want to experience Dubai to its full potential, you should try out the cruises it has to offer.

Nowadays, people are flocking over to Dubai both in the summers and the winters to spend countless hours in luxurious activities. People are ready to spend a lifetime of savings on just relaxing and enjoying themselves in the warm atmosphere of the Arab state. The many festivals and cultural events give the tourists a variety of experience that they cannot find anywhere else. If you are to visit Dubai however, you would not want to miss the amazing cruising locations. When you are out at sea, it is the perfect place to view the ever rising Dubai skylines and take pictures with your family and friends.

To get accustomed with these locations before you head off to Dubai, we have gathered information that will be useful to you. You can use this information to explore your options around these places and maybe even visit these spots. Some of them are more famous than the rest so do try your best to visit every single one.

Burj Al Arab

If there is anything that describes Dubai, it’s the giant ship shaped five star hotel. The Burj Al Arab is the fastest growing and most recognized tourist attraction around the world. It has a perfect view from the beach while even greater one at sea. If you plan on taking a deluxe seat and seeing the colorful building at night from a different angle, hiring a cruise would be the best option. The massive building’s structure will leave you breathless as you move about on the water. You can enjoy taking pictures with the hotel at the back and create a lasting memory. You can also send it to your friends and family and make them wish they were there.

Dubai Marina Lagoon

The marine walk is built around a giant man-made lagoon that provides the perfect setting for cruising. The lagoon is surrounded by tall and beautiful buildings that will sweep you off your feet. This lagoon is the perfect place to have a party on a yacht or simply cruise around and sun bathe. It’s very easy to reach the place as the metro station is close by and you can find your way home just as easily. Dubai marina lagoon will surely be a treat for the kids as they watch the high-rise buildings and the clear waters while going around the entire area on a yacht.

Moon Island

This island is 70 km away from the mainland and it is a popular tourist spot for those who know of its presence. Yes, many people who come to Dubai are mostly unaware of this beautiful moon shaped island in the middle of the sea. Cruising to the island not only means a tour of the area but would also be fun for the kids as you stop near a reef and go out on snorkeling adventures. You will find that Dubai’s marine life is as colorful as the buildings at night time. Other than that, you can also dive near the crescent shaped island where the fish are in abundance. Although not as popular, the moon island is a beautiful place to stand on as it gives you the feeling of being the only one there. It feels as if you own the place and surely you do, for until it’s time to head back home.

Atlantis Resort

Located on one of the palm islands (Palm Jumeirah), this resort is reported as one of the most luxurious resorts in the world. With more than a 100 activities, the Atlantis resort is famous for its cruising trips around the palm islands as well as near the resort. Although most of the time, your kids might want to visit the water parks inside, you should try convincing them to take a cruise ride as it is just as wonderful. This place comes to life at night when the firework display lights up the sky. There is nothing more special than relaxing on a cruise with your loved ones while there are fireworks in the sky. Taking a picture might save the moment for years to come so do make sure you take many.

Dubai Creek Harbor

Last but not the least; we have the Dubai creek harbor which is said to be an architectural marvel in the field of high rise buildings. From your yacht, you will be able to spot the next tallest building in the world and not to mention one of the most beautiful building’s in design. The perfect cruise will ensure you get the best out of the experience as the night rolls in and you see the incredible light shows set by the building. Anyone would find this as the perfect moment in life to just relax and be grateful.

Bottom Line

These locations are not the only ones. There are countless other locations including the world project as well as the other palm islands that are wonderful spectacles to watch on a cruise. In the end it all depends on your budget and the amount of time you want to invest is watching these spectacular buildings and the environment around them. You should try taking a cruise around the time of New Year. That is when the city shows its true colors as well as these locations. From peaceful fire lanterns to blazing fireworks to lights and music, anything is possible on a cruise when you are in Dubai.

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