Basic Etiquettes to Follow at Yacht Parties

If you have a fondness towards the yacht experience, then you are in luck. We are noticing a rise in the growth of this industry over the next few years, which is bound to leave guests with a memorable experience. If you are lucky to be a part of an extravagant yacht party, there are a few basic etiquettes that you'll have to follow. Not sure where to start? Worry not as we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know when attending such parties.

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Your Shoes

It is crucial for you to leave your shoes behind. Several yachts follow a no-shoes onboard policy. So, before stepping on the deck, make sure you've removed your footwear. Ideally, for safety purposes, the crew members will direct the guests towards the shoe drop off zone. If, however, the yacht does allow shoes on board, they will have to be soft-soled. Since the decks are made from teak wood, they permit guests from wearing heels or heavy shoes as they can easily damage the floor. It is advisable to keep this point in mind, so you avoid spending on an expensive pair, only to know that you'll have to take them off.

Appropriate Dressing

While the dress code does depend on the host of the party, there is an essential attire requirement. If the dress code involves wearing casuals, men get away by wearing semi-casual tops over shorts. Women, on the other hand, can wear a light dress. However, if it's a formal dress code, men will be seen in tuxedos and women in less casual dresses. It is wise to check about the dress code beforehand, as being overdressing is equally awkward as being underdressed. Furthermore, it would be best if you also considered the cultural factor. Recheck with the yacht company about specific clothes, to prevent being permitted from entry to the yacht.

Respect the Crew

Sure, it may be easy to get caught up with everything happening at the party. But, don't make that an excuse to be impolite and harsh with the crew members. They work tirelessly to ensure you and your guests have a great time. So, you need to treat them with the same respect as you would with your peers. Speak politely to them, and don't expect them to fulfill your demands in a jiffy. If at all you do happen to encounter an issue with someone from the crew, it would be wise to take it to the captain directly. Avoid resolving it on your own, or it may result in legal issues.

Leave A Tip

If you're satisfied with the crew member's service, you may want to consider offering them a tip. While the event organizer will leave a tip, it's a nice gesture to provide additional tips from your end. It shows your appreciation for their outstanding service. Additionally, it brings them a sense of joy, knowing you acknowledged their treatment towards you.

While knowing how to behave at these yacht parties may seem challenging, following these handy tips will ensure you have a great experience on board.

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