Book a Yacht in Dubai

Want to explore the Middle East in the most astonishing way possible? Looking for some calm in the chaos? Have an important event coming up? Need to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying Mother Nature’s infinite bounties? If that is the case, going on a cruise in Dubai is probably the best option for you. We know there is much more than yachting in Dubai, such as exotic cars, high-rise buildings with upper halves tearing through the clouds, high-end restaurants, endless deserts, etc.

You might be wondering why we are we focusing more on a yacht trip. Well, it gets quite simple as you read on.

Yachting is the ultimate way of spending your holidays – irrespective of whether you’re in Dubai for a week or longer. Every moment is worth it! It is the perfect escape if you are looking for something relaxing and extremely calming. Apart from that, people are renting yachts less for going on long holidays and more for hosting events, parties, functions, etc. This proves the fact that yachting is perfect for all situations.

A yachting trip enables you to visit different destinations in just one trip. Moreover, it offers you different islands, beaches and coasts to explore and gives you an opportunity to connect with yourself, your loved ones and nature. Apart from that it offers you various fun packed activities that include scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, etc.

So, if you are already in or plan to come to Dubai, you should consider yachting a must-do thing. There are almost all types of yachts in Dubai that you can possibly think of so when planning to book one, create a list of all your requirements and desires that you wish to avail on the yachting trip.

Your list must cover all the important factors that can help you make your trip more enjoyable, convenient and memorable. This includes the number of people you wish to take with you on the trip, the number of rooms and washrooms needed, the activities you would like to have on the trip, the food you and your travel mates agree on, the condition of the yacht, the length and size of the boat, and last but not the least, your budget.

To make this process easy and convenient for all, it is better if you and all your friends or family meet together and make some decisions. Since there is always a chance of few people disagreeing on certain decisions, you must go with whatever the majority agrees on.

Once you have prepared a list, it is time for you to find yourself a yachting company that offers you a great service, highly cooperative and friendly crew and captain, meets your requirements and is affordable. There are a number of yachting services available in Dubai. While this is an advantage to some people, especially travel enthusiasts, most people find it even more confusing as choosing the right company can become quite daunting. Not all companies are made equal and hence you have to be careful during selection.

First off, you need to look for a company that is easy to contact. You don’t want to be calling up and not receiving an answer. You can find yachting companies online and try calling them. The yachting company hire should offer multiple options for contact, such as phone, email, etc. Plus, they shouldn’t hesitate in asking you to visit their office. Only companies that are not up to par are dodgy in terms of communication.

Next up, you need to check the list of services on offer. For this, you need to first assess the experience you want to have on your yacht. This includes the facilities and amenities you need in addition to the number of people you want to accommodate on the yacht. The best yachting company will definitely make exceptions to meet your requirements so you can have the best possible experience. Once you are sure that the company can cater to your needs, you should check out their website or visit their office.

On the website, you should check out feedback from past clients. You can do some online research to learn more about the reputation of the company. Moreover, on their website, you will find pictures of their yachts, which will enable you to make an informed decision. Next, you should try and check out the yachts in person.

Inspect the yacht and see if the rooms, toilets, deck, lounge, bar, etc. are up to your needs or not. This would also enable you to know the pros and cons of the yacht. Any company worth its salt will offer fully equipped and topnotch yachts so that you don’t have to look elsewhere. Keep in mind that the fact that the company is allowing you to check out their yachts means that they believe in the quality of their services. It is a surefire sign that they are worth hiring.

If there are any hidden charges that you think the company might apply on you, you should ask them beforehand in order to avoid any fuss that might be created after your trip. Also ask for any discounts and deals that they might offer you as this would only reduce your burden. When all the things are in your favor, you are all set to booking a yacht in Dubai for your trip.

No matter how long or short this yachting trip is it would surely offer you an experience that you will definitely want to go for again. If it trip is for two days or longer than that, you would have a chance to enjoy a cold sea breeze while relaxing on the deck all by yourself and to connect with the nature. In the morning you would be served high quality breakfast and with the right crew and gear, you could also go for deep sea diving and explore an entirely different world beneath the endless blue roads.

It is difficult and quite strenuous for a company to meet all the requirements of the customers. However, we try our best to do so because we understand how important the trip is to you and how much even little things matter to you. So, you can give us a call or show up at our office with that list you created and check out our yachts or ask us for further information without any hesitation.

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