Book Your Yacht: Five Things You Should Know

rent a yacht in DubaiWanting to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle? Or celebrate your love one’s special day? How about impressing your lady’s family and friends? No need to go looking in the distant, you can simply book a yacht and be far away from the buzzing whirl of the city in an instant. But before you hit that confirm button on Xtreme Yacht, here are some of the planning essentials you need to know beforehand.

Know the yacht’s size and how many it can accommodate.

   You already know how many of your friends are in your guest list so all you have to do is check the yacht size that can accommodate you all. To acquire this, you need to enter the correct number of people who’ll be spending time with you aboard and the site will give you the right size that would suit your needs.

Determine how long you’ll be renting the yacht.

Be sensitive to the other clients - use your charter yacht only during the hours you booked it for. This is to avoid inconvenience to both the next users and to the yacht provider as well (they might get reprimanded or given bad feedback due to your late arrival). Consider all the activities you have planned and calculate the time needed for them all to be done plus a few extra minutes to set-up and settle down.


Define your pick-up and drop-off points, including the yacht route.

As much as we would want for the yacht to pick us up right outside our house, it is of course physically impossible. So it is imperative you provide clear and fixed pick-up and drop-off points. It is equally valuable to plan ahead which route your yacht will take and convey this with the crew. It would definitely save you all from consuming too much time just roaming around with dreary and monotonous views. And keep in mind that punctuality is the best policy when it comes to bookings and reservations of any kind. So be there on time, or better yet at least 15 minutes before your yacht picks you up.

Check sound availabilities and restrictions.

Almost all yachts are equipped with a relatively good sound system. But of course, you have your own standards and so we advise you to check if the yacht’s own system suit your tastes. You may want to bring along your own, for back-up or additional music power. And don’t forget to carry the proper wires too. For more details about booking a boat party in Dubai with us click here.

Your choice of food and beverage.

Most charter yachts have fully-equipped kitchens so if you decide to bring and cook your own food, you definitely can. You can also have your food catered - choices range from Mediterranean to Asian, Chinese to Indian. Whatever suits your palate at the moment. A little reminder though - if you have a tendency to get seasickness, don’t eat and drink too much and be sure to take anti-seasickness pills. If you are with a loved one and looking for that perfect present or surprise you may want to consider booking a romantic yacht cruise.

So now that you know the essentials, what are you waiting for? Set the date and prep your swimming suits, hop aboard and have a great time! Check out our yacht rental prices here!

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