Catch That Thrill with Dubai Deep Sea Fishing

Dubai’s marine life is as vibrant and abundant as its city and it has provided its residents a healthy cohabitation. Early inhabitants were not only seafarers but also fishermen and pearl divers. Whether you are a local or a visitor, the connection is deep and personal which is why deep sea fishing on Dubai waters makes it one extraordinarily beautiful experience. And the wonder really lies in the excitement of catching those king fish, sherrie or cobia.

The exhilarating experience usually starts with a walk to the marina where a fishing yacht is waiting for you and your dearest. On board will be a professional crew, a highly-skilled captain and modern fishing equipment to make your deep sea fishing escapade relaxing, hassle-free and enlivening. Charter yachts are equipped with sonars for easier fish finding, a fully-functioning kitchen where you can clean and cook your catch, and has light refreshments and refreshing drinks. And you can make special arrangements too, just speak with your crew before boarding and they’ll definitely make sure your excursion is special and uniquely your own.

There are lots of reasons to go deep sea fishing. Celebrate a special occasion - enjoy a birthday bash, remember an anniversary or simply hop on board and soak up on the Arabian sun and enjoy spurts of seawater-filled winds. Rent a boat, gear up and get on board, and have the time of your life!

One’s deep sea fishing experience level won’t matter, whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned fisherman, the wonderful tingling sensation is a delight as you reel in your first hammour or sultan ibrahim and so much more! Laugh your hearts out for the fish that got away. Take photos with your catch of the day. And definitely you’ll be dreaming and wanting to plan ahead your next deep sea fishing trip on Dubai waters. Visit our website today for more details on yacht rental Dubai.

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