Explore Dubai at Night, Get on a Yacht

Explore Dubai at NightDubai is known for its breathtaking skyscrapers and vividly buzzing nightlife and whether you’re a tourist or a resident, you should be able to experience it. How? Well, both can be enjoyed hopping from one venue to another. But we suggest a more fun and better way to do this - get on a charter yacht and sail along Dubai’s pristine waters with your family and friends! 

Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, you have to indulge on a yacht cruise and you’ll definitely want to come back and try out some more.

   But first - plan out your trip beforehand. The foremost thing you should do is to know where your yacht can go although definitely your yacht can set sail to Palm Jumeirah Islands, Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek, and then drift noiselessly to Burj Al Arab and The World Islands. Don’t forget to decide what you should have on board - the food, the drinks, the music and of course, the people. Check if you can and should bring your own food and drinks, or if there’s a need to bring music paraphernalia if you want to pump up the volume. And for sure, when all this has been pre-arranged and set up, it will give you a more relaxing feeling during your excursion and will make you feel more enthusiastic for the trip.

It would also be wise to do an ocular inspection of your pick-up point as well. It’s much easier to make decisions when you see the yacht yourself and even decide which one would best suit your needs. You can meet the crew, get to know them and gather smart tips too. Connect with them, which is a nice thing to do considering there should at least be the simplest foundation of trust since they will be responsible for you and your family or friends whilst out there in the deep. In this way, you not only rely on other people’s reviews but your personal experience with them too.

If it is a night time boat trip you are looking for we strongly recommend you take a look at our most popular night products which are a dinner cruise in dubai marina or dubai marina sightseeing cruise, alternatively if it's romance you are looking for our romantic yacht cruises truly are the best way to explore the vibrant and exciting city of Dubai.

When you’ve seen all the choices and made up your mind, then head on to Xtreme Yacht Dubai and have the wonderful yacht experience of a lifetime! You can check out our yacht rental prices here or alternatively contact us today to arrange a booking through our website!

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