Going Deep Sea in Dubai

Fishing has been a favourite past time for most, whether young or old, here or on the other side of the world. But in Dubai, fishing is not only a hobby or something to do for your leisure. It’s going back to the city’s roots – Dubai locals were seafarers, fishermen and pearl divers, and their waters have been their source of pride and livelihood.

But fishing is not an all-year-round event here, even for tourists. As with everything else, there’s a reason for every season. So, when is the best time to go deep sea? Fishing season is at its peak during the months of January to March, and it spikes up again from May to October.

And where best to go fishing trips than in the deep blue sea! Dubai’s coastal area covers a wide expanse and its marine life is so diverse that going deep sea fishing is not only relaxing, it is very exciting as well as you wait for a barracuda or a tuna to take your bait. There’s always catching the regulars – Sherrie, hammour, Sultan Ibrahim, kingfish – and the possibility of snatching the rare ones – trevally, cobia, queenfish.

The question now is – how can one go to the deep? Through a most reliable yacht rental, of course. Various agencies offer fishing trips to tourists. These excursions are offered either half day or full. You will be accompanied by two crew members to assist with the rods and catch, make your rendezvous convenient and more distressing. The boats will have to travel 40 to 50 kilometres away from the shore so you could haul more than the average fishes. And you can also go diving and explore the sea bed’s coral reefs and shipwrecks.

Don’t forget to bring food and beverage, sunglasses and hats, seasickness medicine, swim wears and sunblock and a whole lot of contagious fun! For more information on yacht rental Dubai please contact us via our website!

Happy fishing!

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