Here's Your Dubai Yacht Party Essentials

yacht party dubaiAnd if you are the type of person who wants to party and organize one, though any kind of party (club party, house party, BBQ party, pajama party, bubble bath party) is exciting to you, something imaginatively bold gives you that especially undeniable stimulating feeling. Because we all long for new experiences, something novel and unconventional at times. So you’re in luck because Dubai yacht party is something to rave about! And we know just the essentials for you to start planning. Shall we begin?



Like any other party that you must have attended or arranged, you need to have a theme. Of course, all of your closest friends and happiest bunch and their plus ones are invited but to come aboard with an ensemble on is far more enlivening! The easiest water-themed party would be the Carribean theme and the blue-and-white theme. Else, perk up with a Moana theme - let your girl friends show off their sexy bods and your boy friends their tattooed and well-chiseled biceps. Well, you don’t really need to have your friends come with a full-on costume. 

Simply ask them to wear something that would go along to your party’s motif. You know, a common denominator. A theme.


It may sound a bit crazy but yes, you can have a dedicated dance floor on a yacht! And of course, groove with some music on! You can have it easy - save disco tunes or mellow sounds to your iPod, whichever you prefer, but definitely those that would suit your party theme too, connect your device to the yacht’s sound system, and hit play. Or you can invite a DJ on board, a real one. We know it won’t be easy to find one but everyone has got to know someone who knows a disc jockey around. And it might be a teeny bit expensive but hey, your goal is to have an unforgettable and talked about yacht party and this is how to go!

Food and Drinks

And of course, don’t forget the food and drinks… What would a Dubai boat party be like without them? And can you imagine a boatful of hungry and thirsty individuals? Whoa. It sounded a zombie-like apocalypse. But really, a party ain’t a party unless there are food and drinks. Your food choice should definitely complement your party theme and one couldn’t go wrong with finger foods and drinks. Knowing your party guests, you should also consider their preferences - whether they enjoy meat or only munch veggies, know if anyone has an allergy, whether they want seafood, if they could and would chow down spicy delicacies.

Hopefully, our tips helped ease the anxiety you felt towards organising your yacht party. Don’t be afraid, we got your back - from theme suggestions to food and drinks to the charter yacht. At Xtreme Yacht, you can easily rent a yacht that can fit you, your friends and so many more. Find the perfect yacht for you and your party by providing the date, the where and the number of your guests, and then it will provide you with a list of options. Opt to pay with a debit or a credit card when you’ve made up your mind and then you’re good to go. All you have to do now is send out your invitations. So come on, start planning and have a wild yet fun yacht party!

You can find all of our yacht rental prices on our website and if you do have any special requests or an occasion that needs that extra special treatment feel free to contact us via our contact form and we will do everything we can to make it the perfect day for you.

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