How Dubai Celebrates Eid

"Eid Mubarak!" can be heard echoing around the corner as our Muslim brothers and sisters eagerly anticipate celebrating the spiritual obedience they attained during Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting and praying from sunrise to sundown. Marking the end of Ramadan is the Festival of Breaking the Fast or more widely known as Eid al Fitr, a festive celebration which could last up to three days. 

So we ask ourselves, 'How do they celebrate Eid?' Well, on its first day, Muslims gather early in the morning to perform the Eid prayer in mosques or in large outdoor locations. When it's done, they go visit their families and relatives to celebrate with them their religious customs - i.e. giving charity and gifts especially to kids, visiting their dead loved ones and calling distant relatives to spread holiday cheers, greeting each other Eid Mubarak (Blessed Eid) and Eid Saeed (Happy Eid), and of course, feasting on special food and sweet treats.

The whole of UAE joins in on the celebration of this most celebrated Islamic occasion, and Dubai pitches in with a series of family-oriented and fun-filled activities through the launch of Eid in Dubai. Lined-up are children shows like My Little Pony Show at Dragon Mart and Peter Pan Live Show at the Ibn Battuta Mall, art exhibit entitled 9-HIJRI at The Dubai Mall, music concerts featuring artists from Iraq, Syria, Pakistan and Philippines, a family-friendly card making activity called Shebeitna Eid Celebration, and a sports activity named Dubai Desert Road Run. The tickets of Dubai's first aqua-theatre show, La Perle, is discounted. And of course, all of Dubai's malls have their own activities to entertain their visitors including a vast range of products on sale and huge price reductions. Hotels also have their special Eid packages that offers exemplary discounts. To top it all off, Dubai Festival City always hold a beautifully grand fireworks display on each night during the Eid celebration. And where best to enjoy marveling at these stunning fireworks than on a charter yacht cruising along the serene waters of the creek while holding a small yet private Eid party. Or how about a little fishing adventure while basking in the warmth glow of a sunset and waiting for the fireworks to brighten up the Dubai skies? Now that sounds like a memorable Eid holiday.

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