How to Pick a Yacht to Rent

Yachting is the ultimate way of spending holidays and is probably much better than going to an overrated and overcrowded city and spending thousands of dollars. Yachting enables you to visit a couple of different destinations in one trip, explore islands and beaches that you have never been to before, meet new people, enjoy various high-end amenities and more. In addition, spending your vacations this way offers you a pretty solid opportunity to connect with the nature and completely relax, freeing yourself from stress and anxiety.

However, you must careful selecting the best yacht renting services in Dubai, which is surely not a piece of cake. Picking the best yacht and deciding what options or services you would want in your yacht could get quite daunting.

Since yachts have a lot to offer - such as luxurious bedrooms with attached toilets, massive lounges, elegant kitchens and even swimming pools with slides, it is important that you go for the one that meets your specifications and requirements. For example, if you don’t want a swimming pool in the yacht, why pay for one?

If you are planning to spend your next holidays on a yacht with your loved ones and are confused about where to start, there is absolutely no need to worry. In light of your tricky predicament, mentioned below is a step by step guide on how you can successfully select the right yacht:

Step 1

Decide when and where you wish to go cruising. Moreover, you must decide exactly how many people will be accompanying you on your trip. While taking a very small number of people, say 5, might make the trip a bit expensive for you, taking too many people will surely ruin your trip. It is recommended that you go on a sightseeing cruise trip with a bit more or less than 10 people.

Once all this information is available, use it to determine the maximum amount each person would be willing to contribute. Budgeting is a vital aspect of choosing a nice, comfortable and fun-filled yacht.

Step 2

Decide how many bedrooms you need. Depending on how many couples and singles there are in your group, you can easily decide on the number of cabins required. If you have 10 people going with you, opt for a yacht that offers you at least five cabins excluding one for the captain.

Step 3

Comfortability should be a top priority. Since different yachts have different internal configurations, you must not expect same-sized boats to offer the same number of bathrooms. It is better that you decide on the how many toilets you will need. Usually 3-4 washrooms are enough, but if you require more, you might have to go for a slightly bigger boat. Boats with more bathrooms usually cost more so if you are on a tight budget.

Step 4

In order to go for the cheapes as well as most luxurious yacht, you must consider two factors – the length and age of the yacht. These two factors play a significant role in determining the rent of the yacht. While the rent is directly proportional with the length of the yacht, it is inversely proportional with how old the vessel is. This means that two yachts of the same size can have different rents. Similarly, two boats of different sizes could have the same rent.

  • Yacht Age

Just like a car, the value of a yacht is also subject to yearly depreciation. The older it gets, the cheaper it becomes to rent. This is because of the wear and tear of the boat. Fittings becoming loose, the color fades, and the boat will not like something grand or luxurious. However, this does not mean that an older yacht will not be useable.

There are essentially 3 categories of yacht when it comes to how old they are. They are categorized into Economy, Class and Modern. Economy yachts are usually 6 or more years old. Class yachts are not older than 5 years while Modern yachts are new or not more than 3 years old.

  • Yacht Length

The length of a yacht is another important factor that you must consider. A longer boat means bigger rooms, a massive deck, more toilets, a bigger lounge and a spacious upper floor. The lengths of yachts range from 25 feet to somewhere around 65 feet. This means there are a number of yachts of different sizes and lengths that you can rent. However, it is important that you go for the one that suits both your requirements and budget.

Knowing the exact length of a yacht is no big deal as most yachts have a certain number in their name. This number usually represents the length, in feet, of the yacht. For instance, Oceanis 423 is 42.3 feet long, a First 36.7 is exactly 36.7 feet long and a Bavaria 36 Cruiser is 36 feet long and so on.

It is recommended that you go for an older but bigger boat as you’ll be spending more time outside your room and would not need high tech features.

Step 5

Once you have checked a couple of boats online or go out to hunt for the best boat to rent in person, you must choose the one that suits not only your budget but is liked and agreed upon by all or majority of the people in your group. Once you have selected a yacht, you must start preparing for all the formalities that go into making a reservation and then booking it for rent.

You can talk the agent representing the company to book the boat for you or you could just take care of everything online. Check for discount packages and whatnot. Talk to the captain and discuss all the places he will be taking you. Most yachting companies require a 30%-40% advance payment. Also make sure you go for the best food packages.

Bottom Line

So there you go – everything you need to know about selecting a yacht to rent and enjoying your holidays.

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