Planning the perfect cruise

Why go cruising?

Cruising on a yacht is an experience you should definitely go for, especially if you have never done it before. It is probably the best way of spending your holidays as it offers you almost everything you would possibly want in a vacation – beaches, meeting and socializing with new people, relaxing, adventures and adrenaline filled activities, luxury and delicious high quality food and drinks. Moreover, it offers you an escape from reality, so you can deeply connect with yourself and nature.

The fact that all of this is on a yacht that is gently afloat somewhere in the ocean is itself the strongest reason why it is a wise decision to go on a cruise. Apart from spending time relaxing in your luxurious room, you can also chill out on the deck and enjoy the extremely magical and beautiful views of the sun rising and setting.

If you love swimming, you are in for a treat. You can not only swim in the ocean under the supervision of professional swimmers and lifeguards, but you can just chill in the swimming pool on the yacht if it’s a big one. Moreover, most yachts for rent in Dubai do not have regular swimming pools. Instead, they can have a set of slides and sometimes trampolines. , so you can make the most of your fun-packed swimming experience. You can also relax in the jaccuzi and feel the warm water relieving you of any stress that affects your health.

On the other hand, if you are an outdoorsy person, there are a number of activities for you too. Apart from lit pool parties, there are various other events you can join and enjoy such as live music from a singer you’ve hired on deck or even dance on the dance floor you’ve arranged for your party.

All Age Groups Are Welcome

Going on a yacht cruise does not require you to be of a certain age. You can take your friends with you to make amazing memories or your spouse for a romantic trip. If you have kids and cannot leave them, it is no big deal. You can easily take you children with you on the cruise and if you are worried your kids will get bored, you are mistaken. There are just as many activities for children on a yacht as there are for adults. This is a lifetime experience that offers you the opportunity to cut off with the world and spend quality time with your loved ones.

How to Plan a Cruising Trip

While you can enjoy an unplanned trip to the beach, you have to organize and plan for the yacht trip beforehand. Cruising on a yacht is just not the same as you need to decide the locations to which you want to go to. Dubai has many underwater reefs which you can go for snorkeling or deep sea diving. It is important that you do a complete research of the yacht trip before booking yourself a room on the yacht. You must be mentally prepared for the fact you will be spending most of your time floating on the ocean, which will not be any fun if you have motion sickness.

Choose the Best Cruise

As you would be visiting about 2-4 different places in Dubai on the same trip such as moon island or the Palm islands, you must come prepared for a full day journey. Choosing the right yacht in capacity and facilities for yourself is the first and most important factor that you should consider while planning for the trip. You would not want to go on for a ride that has very little to offer in terms of amenities and exposure. Surf the web to search for budget-friendly yacht packages that sail around different reefs and islands and offer all the amenities and comforts you are looking for. Make a checklist of what you would like in your trip and then start looking for those things in different packages. Once you are done screening, select the one that meets your specifications. While more activities and luxury means more cost, you should still go for it instead of compromising an ultimate level of fun!

Pack light

When people go on yacht trip, they must take as little as possible. Packing light will be easier to handle once you are on board and you need to look for those shorts or your bikinis.It is also recommended to take a couple of your favorite jeans and shirts or dresses. There are laundry services available on a yacht, which makes it even more sensible to carry few clothes. In addition, the heavier your bag gets, the harder it is to manage all the clothes inside and this will waste precious cruising time. After all, you have paid a lot of money to come to this yacht cruise and each minute counts.

Apart from clothing, you must carry all your essentials – medicines, your charger for the phone and laptop, adequate footwear, etc. If you think something is simply not going to come in handy on the yacht trip, do not take it with you. A good camera should also be a part of the essentials you carry as you will be able to capture the best of moments.

For all the female travel enthusiasts: If you are interested in trying the old arab tradition of diving in the water to search for pearls, you can do that too. .

Travel Insurance

Most people just hop on a yacht trip with their luggage and look forward for an exciting journey and this is exactly how it should be. However, it is wise to get travel insurance as there are various events and scenarios that could go wrong and out of our control. To ensure the trip is not ruined or cancelled by any unfortunate event, it is strongly recommended that you get travel insurance in order to be duly compensated. So even in case the trip is to becancelled, you would not lose your hard earned money.

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