Qualities of The Best Yacht Rental in Dubai

As time goes by, more and more people continue to inch their way up the social ladder. As the middle-class population grows, a good number of people belonging in this socio-economic class are aspiring to experience finer things in life and live a better lifestyle. Equipped with more dispensable income, they are becoming more familiar with luxurious ways of living, especially in a thriving city such as Dubai. This phenomenon gives a chance for businesses involved in providing luxurious activities to flourish, innovate, and strive for better services in order to gain an edge against their competition and acquire more patrons.

One particular industry has continued to gain popularity and enjoy a consistent growth when it comes to opulent experiences and fancy adventures for the masses. Yacht rental providers in Dubai and UAE has been on the rise over the past couple of years. While this has made it easier for both locals and tourists alike to enjoy luxurious cruises along Dubai’s shoreline, this may have given room to some yacht rental providers who operate at a mediocre level without making sure their customer’s demands are properly addressed.

An excellent yacht rental provider possesses a set of qualities worthy of elegance at sea. If you are a local who is renting a yacht for the first time, or a tourist wanting to experience Dubai in a unique way, what aspects of booking a yacht should you consider when looking for your yacht rental provider? Here are some pointers to take note of when looking for a yacht rental in Dubai.

Experts both at land and at sea

It should be safe to say that, with any service-oriented industry, professionalism plays a very significant role in the customer’s overall satisfaction. Exceptional yacht renting services in Dubai should be able to show a high level of expertise. And since their service will start way before a customer sets sail aboard a rented yacht, providers should be able to operate with prowess and finesse both at land and at sea, right from the start of a customer’s booking process, to the time the yacht sets sail, up until the customer disembarks the vessel and the full payment has been made.

A good Dubai-based yacht rental provider will see to it that the yacht selected by a customer fits their specific needs. If customers forget to choose the right boat size depending on their number of guests, a yacht rental provider should be alert enough to provide recommendations to their clients. Customers may also have a preferred berth location, or may even require coordination for additional staff for food catering or on-board entertainment. Depending on which applies on your needs, these aspects should be factored in when choosing your provider.

The most important aspect of this service is when you set sail into the ocean, and an excellent yacht rental company only employs certified captains and yacht crew members that are experts in what they do. Make sure that the crew assigned to your boat are well-trained and are certified in their profession.

Has an extensive yacht selection

Nobody wants to be cornered into a decision without first seeing what options are available. If you are looking for a yacht to rent in Dubai and is not offered a couple of options by your yacht rental provider, then you might want to search for other providers in the area.

However, you should also know that, depending on the season, some yachts usually handle back-to-back bookings at a time and will most likely be unavailable. No matter how much your provider wants to bring forward a good selection of yachts for your consideration, they will avoid scheduling conflicts at all cost, which means that yachts could simply be booked for a different client on your preferred date. This is why it’s important to book your dates well ahead of time.

Discloses all charges before billing

Renting a yacht in Dubai, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, could be really expensive for an average guy. While the elite few could easily afford this, shelling a couple of hundred dollars in a day is a bit nerve-racking for some.

Aside from the costs of the yacht renting in Dubai, additional fees may be required in booking a yacht for rent, such as berthing fees, taxes, and other staff fees not included on the quote. Your yacht rental provider should disclose these fees to you beforehand, so that you’re not caught by surprise when you receive your receipt. The average yacht leasing cost is not something you could easily laugh off – hourly rates run at around a couple of hundred dollars an hour, which is why it’s prerogative to agree all costs before agreeing to avail of their services.

Goes the extra mile in providing excellent service

Given that the rates for renting a yacht in Dubai is at a premium and could be considered exorbitant by most people, providers are constantly aspiring to provide exceptional service to their customers, especially in today’s day and age where social media is as good as word of mouth. If the rental company providing your yachting needs want your positive feedback to spread among your friends and colleagues, they will make sure that your needs are accurately met.

Since you are out to experience a lavish lifestyle aboard a yacht for rent in Dubai, don’t hesitate to ask for small favours that you may need during your cruise. Good providers will almost always do what they can to attend to your needs, whether if your request is a just a simple demand or a complicated task. Just see to it to ask nicely and gracefully, and they’ll most likely make sure your requests are met.

When you deal with good yacht rental providers in Dubai, you’re guaranteed to relish in a luxurious sea escapade aboard your rented yacht. Make sure to bring along great company to have an even more enjoyable time and share this awesome experience with the people who matter to you most.

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