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Dubai’s popular tourist attractions are second to none. People from all over the world visit Dubai to experience an exotic and luxurious way of living. Whether it is riding a dune buggy or bathing in the hot Arab sun, Dubai has it all. However, it can be a bit challenging to make a choice when you have so many options to choose from. Limited by time and money, you have to be smart about what you choose. One of the wisest choices you can make when in Dubai is renting a boat.

You can hire a boat in Dubai that will take you around the coastline and to some other exotic locations. Boats or yachts have their own luxurious feel. They are equipped with almost everything you need. You can find a kitchen, Jacuzzi, etc. Plus, you can also hire a DJ. It is all part of the package that you choose when you go to a rental company.

Yacht rentals in Dubai are available in different sizes, and choosing the right one will depend on the number of people you take along. As your friends and peers indulge in this luxurious adventure, they will be thanking you for this unforgettable experience. Yachts are therefore the best way to spend your time in Dubai. There is no question you leave with a magnificent and memorable experience.

What activities can ou do when you rent a boat in Dubai?

Seeking adventure and then finding it in the shape of a yacht ride can be tempting. Many people go for their first trip without realizing how big of a surprise it will be for them. Once you realize that you now own a boat for a day, you can start thinking of all the possible ways to make it a ride of a lifetime. There are many activities that one can take part in. Here are a few:

1.    Wakeboarding:

This is the perfect water sport for thrill seekers and water sport enthusiasts. Normally, yacht rental companies give the option of wakeboarding to their customers, but if they do not, you can bring your own equipment along. The yacht will act as the perfect motor boat to accelerate you through the waves as your family watches you from the deck. You can ask the captain to have some variations in the speed as well, so you can have a breather once in a while and then get back to having the time of your life.

2.    Snorkelling:

Dubai has many reefs that you can explore. A yacht can easily take you to these marvellous locations where you can go for a swim. Snorkelling can be extremely fun, especially if you are with family or friends. Moreover, you can discover marine life and swim with the fish, taking selfies all the while. You will also find a lot of beautiful shells and clams that you can collect if you like this hobby.

3.    Scuba Diving:

Similar to snorkelling, scuba diving will enable you to explore the underwater world a little while longer and a bit deeper. The company can be requested to provide you with the gear or you can purchase it yourself. The yacht will act as your home in the sea as you explore the deep caves and find exotic sea creatures near the sea floor.

4.    Boat/Yacht Party:

Bring a DJ onboard and request the company to turn the deck into a dance floor so that you can have a good time with your friends. You can also take the yacht in the middle of the sea and watch the sun set on the horizon, a perfect and romantic setting for couples and newlyweds. Yachts in Dubai are perfect for holding parties as they are available in different sizes, and you can always find one that can easily accommodate the number of people you have invited. Besides, at night you can all go for a late night swim while the boat stays near.

5.    Business Meeting:

Holding corporate events or business meeting on a yacht enables you to have a perfect impression on anyone. Imagine you and a business partner having dinner together in the open sea, catching a glimpse of the Dubai skyline from a distance. It is bound to get you that deal you wanted for months. Plus, the business partner would also feel valued to see you spending so much for just a day.

How to Prepare for Boat Trip?

When you first rent a boat, you will be given a list of essentials you should bring with you. Some of them might be of little importance but others can hold great importance. For example, you should always bring your snorkelling gear regardless even if you are planning to stay on board. Many tourists have a change of heart once they view all those special spots where the captain takes them. Secondly, you must pack extra clothes and your swimming gear, so that you can always stay dry on board.

You will not have to be worried about the laundry as the boat will have a laundry service. Lastly, always remember to bring your ticket/invoice with you. Do not forget to bring a good camera. You might have taken thousands of pictures on the beach, but this is your opportunity to take a few from within the sea. After all, a picture with your loved one with the sun setting in the back is something to cherish forever.

Safety Precautions

You are advised to follow all the necessary precautions that the company gives you. The boat will have a first aid kit as well as a medical professional onboard for your safety. The company also gives a lifeguard who will make sure nothing happens to you while you are in the water. Furthermore, the boats are equipped with special life jackets that can be worn in case the weather takes a side for the worse.

Bottom Line

Boats in Dubai are the perfect tourist magnets. You should definitely consider hiring one if you have the budget for it because in the end, the boat trip is an adventure that you will never forget.

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