Stay Safe on Your Chartered Yacht with These Tips

The idea of going on a yacht trip over the weekend or during your vacation never ceases to excite any individual. Whether you are a novice or have been renting a yacht for several occasions, the feel of the refreshing breeze hitting your face and the scent of the ocean is an experience one can never find monotonous. That being said, we all know that accidents and emergencies come uninvited, which is why we should always be prepared for any situation. This article works as a guide for our readers to keep in mind the next time you plan on chartering a yacht.

Tips to Stay Safe on Your Chartered Yacht


While this goes without saying, we believe it’s important to highlight the fact that you must always conduct a weather check prior to your trip. The best time to sail is when the skies are clear. That being said, the yacht charter company will cancel your scheduled trip if the weather doesn’t look favorable.

Dress Code and Footwear

You should wear the right footwear and appropriate clothing when on-boarding the yacht. As the boat is only on water, the surface can be wet and slippery, so to prevent accidents, it is wise to wear waterproof footwear, especially one with excellent traction. You could also wear light and comfortable shoes. After you’ve boarded the yacht, you can opt to stay barefoot, as its one of the safest options. For clothing, it is recommended to stick to beachwear or casuals and avoid wearing heavy or fancy outfits. The weather again plays a role in your choice of outfit. Carry a sweater or a shawl during the cold season, and don’t forget your sunscreen, shades and hats during summer.

Carry Your Medicines

This tip is especially for those who suffer from seasickness. While everyone around you is excited about the trip, you surely don’t want to be the odd one out. We recommend bringing your medicines along or take one prior to your trip’s commencement to ensure you also equally enjoy onboard.

Listen to The Safety Tips

Before your trip commences, the captain will provide you with all the safety rules and regulations. Make sure you are paying attention to all the guidelines and are aware of the necessary actions you might have to take in case of an emergency. Those with children should see to it that the life jackets fit them well. It’s always safe to keep these in check before the trip starts to avoid any last-minute panic attacks.

Go Easy on The Alcohol

We won’t tell you to leave the alcohol behind, but it is safe to keep your alcohol limit in check, especially when onboard to prevent any mishaps or accidents. It will not only ruin the experience for you, but for other guests that are on the yacht.

Don’t Shy Away from Expressing Yourself

If at any moment during the trip, you start feeling uneasy or nauseous, it is better to inform the captain and crew immediately so that they can take action depending on the seriousness of your condition. Any delays will only make matters worse.

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