The Kinds of Yachts You Can Rent for Any Event

If you’re up for some relaxing vacation in Dubai while exploring the city’s great glory, you should go on and rent a yacht. There’s no doubt that yachts are a hit in Dubai. If you ask why we say it’s because of the luxury it offers and Dubai is all about that! The City of Gold is known for classy and luxurious things.

But yachts aren’t the same. There’s a specific yacht ideal for a particular purpose. Every boat is different from the other, as they are built to fit different people’s preferences. If you’re planning to spend a holiday or celebrate an event in a yacht rental in Dubai, you should know about the kinds of yachts available.

Luxury Super Yacht

Some yacht rental companies offer super luxury yachts for rent in different events. This kind of boat in Dubai is great for those who are planning corporate events like Christmas parties or team building. It is also great for hosting parties with the right amount of guests like birthdays and wedding receptions. Luxury superyachts in Dubai may come in 62ft, 77ft, 80ft, 85ft, 88ft, or 90ft. The bigger the size of the yacht, the more people it can hold.

Most of the yacht rental companies that offer this kind of yacht have fantastic amenities like a good sound system, entertainment area, and large overnight rooms.


A houseboat is not your typical kind of yacht. You can rent this kind of boat for any purposes like parties, wedding receptions, or family reunions. It can usually hold 90 people or more depend on its size and the advice of the yacht rental company. Create a homey feel while renting a houseboat complete with amenities in Dubai for any occasion.

Fishing Explorer

If you want to go some fishing bonding with your family and friends, you can rent this one. Boats like this have a fish-finding technology and GPS navigation system to make your fishing time convenient. It may come in several sizes as well. The fishing explorer is also great for couples who want to spend time alone.

Day Cruiser

You can also rent a day cruiser for any event. Just take note of the number of people. Go through Dubai’s picturesque views while exclusively partying with your friends. Want something more serene? Enjoy the view of the sun kisses the horizon! Day cruisers also come in different sizes with amenities that’ll make your stay in the yacht more comfortable.


Enjoy the luxury of staring at the fantastic Dubai skyline while renting a catamaran in Dubai. Catamarans have a more extensive stance on the water that reduces the boat’s heeling and wave-induced motion. You can party all night long, spend a night away from the busy streets of Dubai, or fish with your family and friends. Make your celebrations even more memorable with the yacht’s facilities.

There you go, those are the kind of yachts you can rent for any event while you’re in Dubai. Make every occasion worthwhile without missing any Dubai scenic view. Find a great kind of yacht that can sure accommodate your purpose of renting. There are many yacht rental companies in Dubai, find the best deal without compromising the quality of service and cruise the Dubai seas!

You can find different kinds of yachts here at Xtreme Yacht. Be sure to browse our list of yachts to find more options. You may find a boat that’ll best fit your needs. We’re sure to give you the best deal we can offer!

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