The perfect bachelorette cruise, how to create the ideal day

While a bachelorette party is just another excuse for friends to get together, have some drinks and get wild, it is something much more for the bride. It is the last party she would enjoy as being single so it is the only time she is ‘officially’ allowed to go all wild and crazy.

Bachelorette parties have changed a lot and have become much modern with time. Nowadays, throwing or hosting such a party is no less strenuous than arranging a wedding. If you are getting married, it is better if you do not take the responsibility of throwing a bachelorette party as this would only make you more nervous and exhausted. Instead, you should ask your friends to do it for you, hence sharing the workload.

If you are expected to arrange a bachelorette party then you must be prepared for a great deal of work ahead. To make the party amazing and memorable, you would have to consider and check a number of things. The first and most important thing the whole party depends on is the budget. Then comes the venue, food, music, DJs (totally optional), dance floor, decoration, themes, invitation cards, etc.

If you are confused and conflicted about where to have this party, you need some vitamin sea! Surprise your friends by holding the bachelorette party on a cruise. If this idea seems even a bit unpractical to you, here are a few reasons why you should go for it:


Cruising is an amazing way of spending quality time with your loved ones. A decent cruise offers you almost everything you could possibly ask for in a relatively affordable vacation – great food, mesmerizing natural beauty, luxurious rooms, a number of destinations and privacy.

Unlike most venues, cruising does not make this party a one-day thing. You would get all this in the cruise only and at an affordable price. Moreover, you would have to pay in advance to get all the things ready for the party. This ensures everyone liable to pay pays and no fuss or drama during the party. To make it even more hassle free, you can pay for the excursions in advance too so once the party has started there is no other financial responsibility left. However, it is important that everyone carries some cash in case they want to buy something once they get off at some beach.

Controlled Environment

Sure you want to go wild and crazy in the party, but you surely do not want to wake up with an unplanned tattoo just a couple of days before your wedding. Most parties at popular destinations become a little too much to handle. Partying on a cruise allows you to be both wild and mild. The controlled environment on a cruise helps you live in the moment and remember each one.

Multiple Destinations

Most cruise trips include about 2-5 different destinations. So visiting different places in just one trip is an excellent way to party. You would be able to see some places you have never seen before and that too with the best of your friends. Also different destinations mean different sceneries, which mean a great deal of pictures and selfies.

Free Entertainment and Food

Pool parties, live music and comedy shows, water rides, movies, etc. are all free. This means you could go for whatever activity you like and not pay a dime for it. There are also complimentary meals that are provided on the cruise and are a part of the package. However, the free meals do not usually include top notch cuisines and if you want to go for something more, you would have to pay for it. But it is better if you stick to the free meals if you want to save money.


It is not important that you stay with the girls all the time and do exactly the same thing majority of them are doing. You can do whatever you want to do. If you want to chill by the pool on the deck or roam the cruise at night or stay alone for a while to connect with nature and yourself, there is no one stopping you.

How to Plan and Execute?

Firstly you must ensure the guest list is made by the bachelorette herself. To make it easier for her, you can list the names of the girls you think are close to the bachelorette and run it by her. Once the guest list is ready, you should contact each one of them. To save time, you can talk with all of them at once using any social media account including Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Once everyone is informed about the cruise you have planned, confirm if they are in or not so that you can start budgeting. Since it is a tradition that the guest of honor, the bride, is not taken a dime from, you must divide the cost equally among all the girls. To make this part party even more cost-effective, ensure you ask the cruise company for group discounts and other deals. There is always a chance of getting one so it is totally worth the try.

Make a list of the activities offered on the cruise and go for the ones that majority of the girls like. Such activities usually include a dance party on the beach, spa on the cruise, etc. Keep everyone updated with all the plans. However, if there is something you want to surprise them with, keep it a secret until the right time.

Make sure you share all the relevant information with everybody involved so they do not back out at the last moment or are not ready for something they do not know can happen. This will ensure that each girl brings her favorite and most appropriate clothes, footwear and other essentials.

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