Wakeboarding in Dubai

Dubai is a hotspot for tourist activity around the world. The number of people coming in each year fill up the streets like tiny ants in a maze. From the tallest buildings in the world to some of the craziest water parks, Dubai has become the centre of attention for those who are looking for fun. Many water related sports are gaining in popularity and the tourists as well as the locals are finding new ways to experience them.

Having a good time is guaranteed, whether it is in the desert safari or near the beaches. A number of water sports are available to both tourists and locals who buy their own equipment for such activities. Artificial lakes and lagoons are located in between the tall buildings. They provide the perfect scenery as if you are in a futuristic utopian city. One such sport that many people love to go on is wakeboarding. Because of the warm water sea that stays calm all year round, it is the perfect place to practice your art if you are a pro. However, if you are a beginner looking to have a good time, you are in for a surprise as Dubai’s many water sports arena’s can help you learn.

Why Wakeboarding?

As we said earlier, Dubai has one of the calmest waters in the world. This gives you the space to maneuver your board freely and perform different techniques. You can always rest assured that you will land back on your feet as the wakeboard is not influenced in any way by the waves. Other than that, Dubai is also in the centre of the map which means many of the world’s trade ships pass by here. That allows for a variety of wakeboards for you to choose from. You can rest assured that Dubai will have what you want and because there is no tax on goods there, you will get it cheaper.

Lastly, whatever your riding style is, the renting companies in Dubai will assist you in a smooth run. Different riding styles require different maneuverability and tactics. With Dubai hiring professionals from all around the world, you can be at ease knowing that whatever they tell you is going to make your experience even better.

Types of Wakeboarding in Dubai

Dubai offers its people a range of wakeboarding services, some of which are listed below:

1.    Wakesurfing

This is a dual experience in which you are both surfing as well as wakeboarding. The ballast is filled with water at the back which weighs the boat down so that you can have the best waves to jump on. Keep in mind that you need all the essentials including a rope, a wakeboard and a great balance if you are to try this.

2.    Cable Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding can be quite expensive. The hiring of a boat and fuel cost are enough to keep many wakeboarding enthusiast away from it let alone the wakeboard’s individual cost. However, there is still a way you can go on wakeboarding without bearing such costs and that is through cable wakeboarding. An innovative way of wakeboarding exists in the Al Forsan International sports resort. By using the cable system, a person can manoeuvre their board in whatever way they wish to. The freshwater lake is surrounded by this cable mechanism and pulls the wakeboarders around 36 to 40 km/h.

To make it easier for the beginners, two man-made lakes exist and one of them is designed specifically for them. The top speed you can reach there is around 25 to 30 km/h.

3.    Kite-boarding

A new type of water sport that has ceased much attraction by water sport enthusiasts is entering into the market these days. It requires a basic kite use in kite surfing and instead of a surf board, you use a wakeboard. The kite uses the wind and a rope to propel you forward and all you have to do is wakeboard as usual. Keep in mind that this saves fuel so it’s a better option than using a boat. At the same time, this kind of wakeboarding can also reach higher speeds so it’s mostly recommended for professionals.

Why is Wakeboarding Important?

Wakeboarding in the areas of Ghantoot and Dubai Marina are slowly gaining popularity because of the warm and dry climate there. Dubai was once a desert area and the environment encourages water related activities. Wakeboarding therefore has an open potential and many of the wakeboarders are connecting online. By doing this, they are making a wakeboarding community that can ensure the sport lives on. They are also working together to help the ones who cannot afford such high costs. For example, if one of the wakeboarder’s owns his own private boat or yacht, he/she can lend it to the others. That way, wakeboarding will thrive in the communities of Dubai. Since the palm islands near the Dubai marina are primarily surrounded by water, wakeboarders have natural obstacles on water to add to the experience. They can at the same time use half pipes on water for extreme sports.

Bottom Line

The wakeboarding community of Dubai is slowly growing more vigilant and many members are joining it as we speak. Dubai marina and Ghantoot areas are filled with boat and yacht rentals that allow people the luxury of wakeboarding. If the prices are to get lower for the use of boats or yachts or more areas that support cable boarding appear on the map, Dubai is sure to see a rise in its wakeboarders soon. Up till now the concept is fairly fresh but given the time, it can surely become a star in the forefronts of water sports.

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