Welcome the New Year with a Bang in a Yacht!

Experience an extravagant New Year in Dubai as you sail through the waves of the Arabian seas!

Everybody gets too excited for New Year. For some, a new year means a new chance in life. It’s a new beginning. So why not welcome the New Year to a completely new level? Sail the stress the past year has given you and cruise through the Arabian Seas in a yacht as you embrace another chance to explore life.

One of the many benefits, when you are in Dubai, is the chance to cruise on a yacht anytime and for any reason, you may have. Many tour operators offering yacht rental in Dubai are ready to serve you, especially on a New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, there’s no excuse not to rent a yacht. Several yacht rental companies offer yachts usually from 9 PM to 3 AM or depending on your preference. The best option is to rent a luxury yacht or superyachts.

Here are some perks when you charter a yacht for a New Year’s celebration:


What’s a New Year celebration without fireworks? Dubai has never failed to show up a spectacular fireworks display as a new year unfolds. They have the largest and most expensive fireworks display you can never see anywhere in the world.

There’s no better way to witness such a fantastic show than renting a yacht for several hours. When the midnight comes, the chartered yacht usually stops in the middle of the sea so you can enjoy the show. Plus, you get to enjoy the fireworks as you cruise through Dubai’s iconic landmarks.


In land, bars and clubs are crowded during New Year’s Eve. You and your friends will have a hard time looking for a bar to party. But, when you rent a yacht during this season of the year, you can party until the sun rises without having to bump arms with strangers. If you want some intimate party with friends and family, rent a yacht.

You can also rent your DJ to make your party memorable! Dance through the thumping beats of your favorite music as you countdown towards the new year.

Sumptuous Feast

New Year’s Eve celebration is never complete without good food. Yacht rental companies offer catering menus you can customize to satisfy your palate. They have a staff and a chef that can deliver what you crave on a New Year’s Eve.

Tailored Service

Yacht rental companies usually have a crew onboard to make your experience convenient and a whole lot better. They are there to keep you company as you enjoy the celebration with your family and friends. They will ensure to provide you with whatever you need during your yacht rental period.

Additional Services

Yacht rental companies have some additional services you can avail. If you want to get fancy and all, you can request a red carpet upon arrival. You can even ask them to do the decorating of the yacht to make the ambiance suited for the event.

Final thoughts

What are you waiting for? Renting a yacht for a New Year’s celebration will make your countdown to a new year memorable and amusing. Renting a yacht allows you to enjoy a private party with your friends and family as you enjoy the world’s largest firework display.

Catch up with your loved ones as you enjoy a mouthwatering dinner complemented with tailored service the right charter yacht company can offer you. Welcoming the new year on a yacht will make you want to look forward to what’s bound to happen for the rest of the year and the next year.

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