What Makes Proposing on a Yacht Extra Special?

These times, people are frequently posting on the internet of unique and sweet marriage proposals. When you watch them, there’s just this overwhelming feeling that makes you believe that love does exist. These marriage proposal stunts rotate around lights, candles, flowers, romantic song, and the ‘question.'

If you’re one of the lucky men, who has found their partner they’d love to spend the rest of their life with, pop the question. Make your partner feel extra special that she’ll never say no as you propose on a yacht!

One of the perks in Dubai is the opportunity to rent a yacht you can use for any occasion. This time, it’s for your marriage proposal! A yacht rental can give you and your partner a breathtaking and a romantic venue fitted for an extraordinary day. Prep it up with the perfect lights, decors, flowers, ring, and you of course, and you’re on your way to hearing that ‘YES’!

Here are the reasons why proposing on a yacht is extra special:


Yachts speak of luxury. Rent a yacht that can offer you and your partner luxury and comfort as you celebrate your love for one another. There are many yachts which offer amenities that make your proposal convenient and memorable. Plus, giving your partner this luxury only tells her that you just want nothing but the best for her.


Not all people want to be surrounded by people as they pop the question unlike you see in some proposal videos. If you want a private and intimate marriage proposal, renting a yacht is the best option. You and your partner can sail away from the hustle and bustle of the city crowd and just cherish the moment. Don’t bother about the captain and the crew of the yacht. They are more than willing to provide you the privacy you need unless you need their help to pull off a proposal stunt.


Nothing is more romantic than a special day, perfect view, cruising in Dubai’s blue seas, and having the love of your life in your arms. These are the perks of a couple cruise for a marriage proposal. You can even rent the yacht just in time for sunset to make the event more romantic. Imagine yourself kneeling on your one knee as the sun slowly peeks out of the horizon and hearing the word ‘yes,' romantic right?

Extra Services

Renting a yacht in Dubai for a marriage proposal entitles you the option to avail some extra services that make your rental worthwhile. Some yacht rental companies can transform a yacht into a love boat courtesy of their crew. You can also avail their special dinner for two for an additional rate complete with decorations. If you want to make the experience more luxurious, you can also charter a limo or Rolls Royce to pick up you and your lady.

So there you go! Those are the reasons why you should rent a yacht as you’re planning to pop up the question. Throw off other proposal ideas that almost everybody is doing. Make your partner well-loved as you cruise through the Dubai seas. Most importantly, spend the rest of your life together just as smooth as the yacht sails through the waves of the sea. Stay in love and happy!

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