Where to spend a Romantic dinner in Dubai

Anyone who has come to Dubai at one point in their life, whether for work or as a tourist, is a witness of how lively and vibrant this wonderful city is. From white sandy beaches with immaculate waters to grand malls and colorfully zesty discos, there is always something in store for you and me and for everyone else in Dubai.

But as the sun needs to set, there’s also moments when you just want to relax and be alone with your love one over amorous conversations while having delectable cuisine and red wine. And when these moments come, don’t stress yourself. Dubai has got something to celebrate those intimate moments too and below are some of the dinner suggestions we have for you.

Dinner Along Dubai Beach

Since the city is well known for its pleasurable beaches, why not try exquisitely palatable dishes with some wind on your hair? We recommend you book a room in one of the many stunning hotels in Palm Jumeirah and enjoy a romantic dinner on your own private beach, away from the crowd. You can even seek the help of the hotel staff in carrying out a perfect dinner set up – from bespoke courses to white curtains and fragrant roses. Nothing could be lovelier than that.

Dine in a Dubai Restaurant

Of course, when one thinks of a romantic dinner, it’s almost always candle lit in a fancy maybe French restaurant with cool red wine and roses. And in Dubai, there is no need to worry, the city has lots of establishments that will help you choose the one most suited for you and your plans – from those that take pride in three Michelin stars to al fresco dining, from boutique cafes to an open promenade in Dubai Marina. Online publications can help you strategize in advance – pick out the perfect restaurant and dishes palatable to you and your love one’s taste. Nothing could be more flawless than that.

Dinner Over Dubai’s Waters

As Dubai is blessed with water flowing from the Persian Gulf, we also recommend a romantic dinner on a private yacht or a dhow cruise, sailing along the Creek or the Marina, while partaking on Dubai local cuisine. The ideal time of the day to start would be around sunset and finish your cruise with a splendid view, either admiring the colorful Dubai Water Canal or gazing adorably at Dubai skyline. But the route is completely up to you – so hire a dhow or rent a yacht, plan ahead and delight on some quiet and cherished moments with your love one. Nothing could be more passionate than that.

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