Why is a yacht party the ultimate party experience in Dubai?

Dubai has captured the market for tourists around the world. Apart from becoming a major hub for business, Dubai has developed into one of the world’s largest tourist resorts. In the first two months of 2017, Dubai received over 2 million visitors, witnessing a meteoric rise in the number of people traveling here from China and Russia.

The popularity of Dubai is not only due to the skyscrapers and the water parks, not even because of the world class hotels and resorts, but because of the ambience as a whole. Dubai is also hip and happening because of the decadent parties happening across the city. These world-famous parties are huge contributors to the influx of tourists to the city.

A party, no matter where it is, can ease the stress of city living. However, there is one particular kind of party that is unique to all others: a yacht party! Oh yes, can you imagine just drifting on the surface of the ocean, the serene sunset in the background, dancing to the music like there is no tomorrow. This is anexhilarating experience that will be hard to forget.

Despite the fact that yacht parties are popular across the Gulf region, they are not the first idea that comes to mind when you decide to have a blast in Dubai. However, there is a chance that you might be fed up of the conventional party options and want to try something new. A yacht party in Dubai can offer you more fun than you would expect.

A yacht party is undoubtedly the ultimate party experience. It is exclusive, classy and all your friends will love it. Yacht parties can get wild. Just look at videos from Monaco and Abu Dhabi Formula One yacht parties! To ensure everyone has a great time, choosing the right yacht rental company that can provide a safe and flexible experience is crucial.

Moving on to the types of yacht parties that take place in the shadow of the Burj Al Arab, we will find that their number is endless, but the most famous ones are:

  1. Never Get Out The Boat: A yacht with a capacity of 150 people it has an air-conditioned lower deck and a well-appointed, open air upper deck, which is never empty since most people spend their day dancing on the upper barge.
  2. UK Flava Super Yacht Party: Virgo is the yacht and it is 160 feet long. This sleek yacht has 3 levels, a plunge pool and is hosted by Andrei Thompson. It takes place every six weeks.
  3. Rock Tha Boat: Another 150 plus person yacht party, hosted by The A-List Agency is set to sail in October 2017.
  4. Sunstroke: The yacht used has a capacity of 120 people. The party is hosted by Jack Woodcock and takes place three timesa year.
  5. Shipwrecked: The boathas three levels, and is also referred to as the Elite House Boat. There’s a VIP area inside, a Jacuzzi, and, of course, the upper deck is the dance floor, where you can dance the entire day. The party is hosted by Natalie Brogan and Michael Dunne, who are also the DJs for the event when it sails next; in October.

These are particularly high level parties that take place on a large scale, with 150-200 people on board. Apart from this, there are also yacht parties on a smaller scale, private ones in which a group of people rent out a yacht from the marina and take it out for their private party. These parties have all sorts of entertainment on board, from well known DJs playing to a select few, to magic shows and jet ski performances.

Perhaps the most popular yacht parties are birthday parties. Yacht birthday celebrations have become so frequent that event management companies have introduced several packages as well.

When someone visits Dubai, they intend to go to places like Wild Wadi and Desert Safari, which are attractions unique to the city.Such is the case with yacht parties as well. They were introduced only recently, and now people from all over the world travel to the city in the summers to attend parties that are regarded as the best yacht parties in the world.

Yacht charters and not only for tourists; a major contribution to the yacht charter industry is made by the locals of Dubai, who, after a long week, plan on casually chartering a yacht and cruising to quiet, private corners of the gulf either for a closed party or a family day out.

Chartering a Boat for a Party

Booking a boat for a party is effortless. Just go online, type in xtremeyacht.com and choose a yacht that suits your needs; the time and date you want the vessel and, of course, what creature comforts you wish to add. We would suggest you pick a time in the late afternoon, around 4ish, so you could watch the sunset and enjoy some bubbles!

A popular choice is an 80 footer, which has a capacity of about 15 to 20 people, ample sitting space with loads of deck room to sunbath and dance!

All you have to do now is get to the marina on time and our team will be there to meet you. It is exactly like pre-booking an Uber, but with boats.

Don’t forget the essentials for a raging party; good music, food and drinks. Your yacht will have a top of the line sound system so be sure to create some yacht party playlists!

Dubai is the ultimate destination for yacht parties, the climate, abundance of yachts and beautiful surroundings make it a just perfect! This is something you have to witness firsthand.

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