Yachting Tips for Beginners

While yachting is a great way to spend quality time away from the daily routines, there are a few things beginners should know before their yacht trip. A reliable yacht rental company will always ask you the basic questions and your requirements in order to select an appropriate yacht for you. It ensures an enjoyable overall experience for you and your guests. Here we discuss some of the basic tips to follow during your yacht journey.

Yachting Tips for Beginners

The Planning Stage

The very first step when hiring a yacht is to ensure you have found the best yacht rental company who will offer you complete guidance. They should inform you about the amenities, occupancy and services provided. Apart from this, you may check with them about any on-going offers or promotions.

Dress Right

When you are on a yacht you should be dressed casually. Avoid over-dressing and wearing heavy clothes, as they will only make you feel uncomfortable. Also, if possible, try and avoid wearing heels to ensure maximum comfort when on-board. Moreover, some yachts don’t permit shoes on the yacht.

Safety for Children

If you have children along with you, make sure to inform the yacht rental company beforehand. They will provide you with all the safety gears and tips before starting your journey.

Pets Are Not Permitted On-Board

This is a very important factor for all pet owners. For safety of the yacht and the animal, most yacht rental companies don’t permit pets onboard, even if it’s a small dog.

Crew Members

While the ideal number of members on the yacht is three, it will depend on the size of the yacht. If you want to ensure an enjoyable and memorable experience you should consider renting from a luxury yacht rental company. It guarantees you a hospitable and royal treatment by the crew and captain.

Tips for The Crew Members

Since its your first time on the yacht, you may seem confused about whether you should or shouldn’t tip the crew members. Let us clear this confusion by telling you the obvious answer, which is it totally depends on the service they offered you. If its impressive and they have managed to meet your expectations don’t resist from over-tipping. It will not only bring them joy but will also encourage them to do better each time.

Your Behavior Onboard

One of the most important factors that you should bear in mind when on a yacht is to be in your best behavior. The main reason behind this is that it ensures you complete safety. It further prevents any mishaps or injuries onboard. Also, try and be as respectable and friendly as possible with the crew members. It ensures a relaxed atmosphere.


We hope these tips help those who are new to renting a yacht in Dubai. Follow them to ensure you have a fantastic trip when you are on the ocean.

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