What better way to celebrate the vibrancy of your youth than to party all day long with friends – a Mediterranean brunch, then lounge by the pool with cocktails in hand and light munching on a few makis, and finally be pumped to your veins with dance themes when the sun has set. At Dubai’s Blue Marlin Ibiza, you can do all these and more! Indulge in the ultimate party experience as if you’re in Spain’s infamous clubbing island itself. And we at Xtreme Yacht will help you get to this dream venture and this exclusive beach club.


This club with Ibiza-like ambience can be found in a secluded beach spot at Al Jazira Golden Tulip, Ghantoot, a 20-minute drive from Dubai and 40 from Abu Dhabi. Blue Marlin Ibiza is rendezvoused by the country’s young elite and is famous among partygoers of voluptuous ladies and gentlemen with well-chiseled bodies. So, arrive at the beach’s entrance in your exorbitant yacht from Xtreme Yacht and leave the other guests in awe as you and your friends dock and hop off into the club’s pearly white sand.


Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE offers first-class experience, the reason why the rich and famous from around the world visits this all-day party venue. Treat yourself to a fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine for a late breakfast or a satisfying lunch whilst surrounded with laid-back house vibes and served with delightful cocktails. Indulge your bodily senses with a plunge at their infinity pool or a douse at their cool blue sea and then catch that sun on a beach lounger. The restaurant’s upper deck is perfect for those who prefer to watch the frenzied beauty of the party floor from afar. And then when the sun sets, prepare yourself to dance the night away with Balearic beats and banging house tunes.


When you’ve had enough and the day has almost called it quits, hop aboard your super yacht and impress your friends with your smooth and fancy lifestyle. Sail away while swaying to your favorite music bursting out of the boat’s superb sound system. And when you’ve had time for your self, take a moment to relive your luxurious adventure and be grateful for the gift of youth, for being wild and free. While you’re at it, embrace the opportunities life will give as you enjoy it and have fun.


Forever you will carry mementos of your Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE excursion, something that you and your friends will forever keep. And making sure you get to delight in these energetic journeys that are worth reminiscing in your lifetime, Xtreme Yacht is at your service. So, book when you can!


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