Category: Cruising in Dubai

Planning the perfect cruise

Why go cruising? Cruising on a yacht is an experience you should definitely go for, especially if you have never done it before. It is probably the best way of spending your holidays as it offers you almost everything you would possibly want in a vacation – beaches, meeting and socializing with new people, relaxing, […]

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The perfect bachelorette cruise, how to create the ideal day

While a bachelorette party is just another excuse for friends to get together, have some drinks and get wild, it is something much more for the bride. It is the last party she would enjoy as being single so it is the only time she is ‘officially’ allowed to go all wild and crazy. Bachelorette […]

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5 great cruising locations in Dubai

Apart from being the great hub for international tourism, Dubai has one of the most amazing beaches in the world. With a quiet sea and a hot sun, Dubai becomes the primary location for water sports and other water related activities. If you really want to experience Dubai to its full potential, you should try […]

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