Dubai Marina yacht cruise – a relaxing break along the bay

Cruising in a boat is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenic landscape of Dubai. It takes your mind and body away from the busy streets, the hustle and bustle of urban living, and the hurried lifestyle of the city. It allows you rest and relax, enjoying the salty sea breeze, the soft lullaby of the waves, and the quietness of the open sea to keep you company.

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With our company, you are treated to a deluxe yacht charter experience like no other. We offer a wide variety of yacht rental packages that are designed to give you exceptional value for money. Whether you are looking for short trip to the open sea for a lunch time picnic or a romantic dinner cruise with someone special, we have a package that is perfect for you.

Our packages come inclusive of a scheduled cruise time specially for you, as well as a dedicated captain to steer the ship. A regular cruise also comes with a cooler of beverages kept ice cold for your consumption, and a specially prepared snack to satisfy your gustatory desires while on board the rental vessel. On the other hand, a romantic cruise in one of our charter yachts is beset with a complete meal, your choice of cold beverages, and access to unlimited drinks on board.

Rent a yacht in Dubai Marina and experience the next level of boat rental

We combine unparalleled convenience with high quality services by giving you complete control over your booking details. Our online platform allows you to check which vessels are available for you to charter, by indicating when you want to book your vessel, where you want to go on a cruise, and how many guests you want to entertain.