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per hourAED 1,500

Get in action as you race across the waters in Dubai on a jet ski!

Don’t miss an unforgettable experience by renting a jet ski here at XtremeYacht. Nothing can beat the thrills this water adventure can give to anyone. Whether you’re zipping across the Dubai waters at top speed or taking your time coasting along the coast, jet skis guarantee a good time in the water.

You can rent a jet ski for an hour for only AED 1,500. Get on our high-quality jet skis and explore the marine life in the City of Gold as fun as you can imagine.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or has long loved this water activity. Jet Ski rental in Dubai will surely be one of the highlights of your vacation. Not only are jet skis an awesome way to cruise the coast, but they offer amazing views of marine life and up-close-and-personal access to Dubai’slush shores.

Plus, a jet ski is the best way to get from one location to another. You may not need a lot of convincing, but we’ve compiled our top four reasons you should rent a jet ski.

Are you ready for some water sports motivation? Check below to learn more about why Jet Ski rental is a must while in Dubai:

·       F-U-N

Speeding across the waters will guarantee you nothing less than unbeatable fun! This activity is the biggest adrenaline rush available on the water. Let the speed and beauty of Dubai take you far from the hustle and bustle of life.


When you’re on vacation, we only think about relaxing and eating (especially when you’re in a new place). So, what beats a fun activity while exercising? Yes, that’s what an hour of Jet Ski rental in Dubai can do to you. It may not give you a six-pack. But with the activity’s need for core and arm strength, it can help you keep your calories at bay.

·       FREEDOM

Renting a Jet Ski for even an hour gives you the freedom and a chance to break away from crazy city life. It can offer an incredible me-time experience. If you prefer to cruise with a partner, you’ll have a tremendous one-on-one time free with all the stressors in life.

·       MEMORIES

Spending a vacation in Dubai can open you to a lot of worthwhile activities. Jet Ski can be one great memory you’ll truly cherish and even keep coming back for more.

Book a Jet Ski now and start exploring the beauty of Dubai from the sea.

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