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Set Sail in Style with Our Premier Yacht Charter in Dubai Marina

Xtreme Yacht Rental is the premier choice for those seeking a reliable yacht rental in Dubai. We are proud to offer the best yacht rental services in the city. If you are looking to hire a yacht in Dubai, look no further than us. Our yacht rental Dubai services are unparalleled, and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction. When it comes to boat rental in Dubai, we are the go-to option for both tourists and locals alike.  We are known as one of the most reputable and reliable Dubai Marina yacht rentals because of our professional services and affordable rates. So, if you're in search of yacht rentals in Dubai Marina, choose Xtreme Yacht Rental and experience the ultimate luxury on the water. 

Renting a yacht from Xtreme Yacht Rental in Dubai Marina is a perfect choice. With our beautiful and well-maintained yachts Dubai, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city's skyline and iconic landmarks while cruising through the stunning waters of the Arabian Gulf. Our expert crew members ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip, and their flexible rental packages cater to your every need. With our Dubai yacht rental, you can indulge in a truly luxurious experience that you'll never forget. 

We ensure that our customers enjoy their time atop our luxury yacht rental vessels, and we have a sizable rental fleet that includes more than 20 luxury yachts with sizes ranging from 48 ft to 155 ft. Our goal is to provide the best private yacht tour experiences, whether it be a sunset cruise, a private, romantic cruise, or a deep-sea fishing trip. Our yacht rental is an excellent alternative for individuals looking for a cost-effective solution without sacrificing either luxury or service, and they are perfect for groups of 2 to 200. 

Our fleet of premier yacht charter is supported by a highly skilled and adept onboard crew that is dedicated to providing individualized and quality service based on specific client needs. Furthermore, our fleet also contains small yacht rentals, where our customers can book a fabulous yacht charter at the best prices. 

Dubai's Most Expensive Fleet of Luxury Yachts  

Each of our luxury boats for rent has a host of amenities, such as swim and sun decks, cutting-edge sound systems, gas barbeque stations, and sizable entertainment areas. Our hand-selected fleet, which consists of top-quality boats that have been professionally maintained and wonderfully equipped, is among the best available in Dubai.  Moreover, we can even provide your group with a DJ. We can assist you with any request thanks to our highly committed and dedicated crew, whether it be for business events, birthday or wedding parties, or just general sightseeing. Up to 15-20, overnight guests can be accommodated on our larger boats, which are equipped with various beds and facilities. 

Rent a Boat by the Hour, the Day, or the Night

Our customers have many choices when it comes to the offered yacht rental packages. Whether it's for a sunrise yacht cruise, a sunset yacht cruise, or an overnight stay, we can accommodate all of your needs. Click here to contact us through our contact page if you have any questions regarding our service. 

Exclusive Itinerary

  • Start your day by arriving at Dubai Marina, which is regarded as one of the most picturesque waterfronts in UAE. 

  • Set sail on a luxury yacht to discover the scenic views of the Marina and its surroundings after receiving a brief introduction and safety instructions. 

  • See the magnificent landscape and luxurious yachts docked along the marina as you ride along the man-made canal of Dubai Marina.  

  • Take a break and enjoy some enthralling activities. 

  • When the sun sets, unwind on your yacht while admiring the Dubai skyline's sparkling lights illuminating the night sky. 

  • Have a satisfying meal either aboard the yacht or at one of Dubai Marina's many fine-dining establishments to cap off your yacht rental adventure. 

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Fully Customized Packages: Our corporate yacht charter offers a fully tailored setting, designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Quality Music: Enjoy high-quality music as you cruise along the crystal-clear waters on our corporate yacht, creating an ambiance of relaxation and entertainment.

Buffet & BBQ: Treat your taste buds to the ultimate culinary experience with our scrumptious buffet and BBQ offerings, prepared using only the finest ingredients.

Friendly and Professional Staff: Our friendly and professional staff are dedicated to ensuring that your every need is met, providing personalized service with a smile.

Safe and Secure: Rest assured that your safety and security are our top priority, with state-of-the-art safety measures and equipment in place to ensure a worry-free journey.

Beverages: Quench your thirst with our extensive selection of premium beverages, including fine wines, refreshing cocktails, and non-alcoholic options.

Luxury Transportation: Travel in style and comfort with our luxurious transportation options, ensuring a seamless and stress-free journey to and from the yacht.

Water Sports: Take advantage of our water sports activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding, and make the most of your time on the water.

Other Services

Corporate Boat Event Rental

Choosing a cheap yacht charter might prove to be a worthwhile investment for different purposes, such as employee training, team building, or holding a business meet-up. By selecting our yacht rental Dubai, you can present your guests with a magnificent and unique experience. 

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Yachts For Hire for Private Events

On the gorgeous floating dance floor, let loose your wild side while being serenaded by some of the city's best DJs. Xtreme Boat Rental provides a unique private party hosting for any event, whether it be a birthday bash or a corporate gathering. Small, regular, and luxurious yachts are all available in our fleet of yacht rentals, which are intended to make your celebration as lavish as possible. 

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Romantic Yacht Cruise

An exquisite way to show love for your partner on Valentine's Day or an anniversary is to indulge in a romantic luxury yacht cruise. Our custom-made yacht rental packages are made to satisfy your every need, making this experience one you won't soon forget. Choose an opulent yacht from our large inventory, from small boats to luxury boats available for rent. 

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Yacht Round Trip

What Sets Us Apart?

We are committed to offering our esteemed clients great service and top-notch yachts as a dependable and reputable yacht rental Dubai. We offer an unmatched selection of well-maintained yachts for rent and work hard to make each visitor's yachting experience truly unforgettable. Our emphasis on painstaking attention to detail is apparent in every facet of our business, from our highly skilled and knowledgeable crew to the cutting-edge amenities offered on each yacht. We have yachts to suit every demand and price range, with sizes ranging from the 48FT My Serena to the 155FT Desert Rose. Our crew is skilled at navigating the vast Emirati coastline, and we're dedicated to making sure you're safe and having fun while you're here. So, if you're seeking a cozy boat for a special occasion or just to unwind, our yacht hire Dubai is here to help you find the ideal boat to meet your sailing needs. 

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